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Hi I'm veganyam, a vegan yam! Welcome! Yam is an acronym for my passions: yoga, art, movement...I also luv all things adorable, fruity, upcycled....CUTE VEGANS UNITE!

    oh emm gee, vegan mini cupcake push pops!


    vegan cupcakes! they really are taking over the world, and last week i was lucky enough to get a free delivery of them in several forms from sweet e’s: the mini bakeshop in beverly hills. i’ve posted about their tiny treats before—-not only are they tasty, but they are always so beautifully decorated. (remember when they made a quarrygirl cupcake?!?!?)

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      Vegans are truly pioneering the art of cupcakery
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      boo…i dont like this. what happened to a plate and fork…or bowl and spoon? do we really need to make all this plastic...
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      oh emm gee, vegan mini cupcake push pops!
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      These need to be in NorCal so my dreams can come true :).
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